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About Us

We are a Kent based Community Interest Company (LBG) dedicated to enhancing mental, emotional, and physical well-being through the power of creative expression.

We currently offer tailored workshops and courses for mothers, pupils, young children, and their caregivers. Additionally, we are developing new ideas and collaborating with partners to expand our programs and reach more community groups.

Our team, with backgrounds in Art Psychotherapy, Fine Art, Teaching, and Dance, has developed a unique, interdisciplinary approach that integrates creative, therapeutic, and physical activities to help you reconnect to your innate creative power.

Our inclusive workshops provide a space for creative expression through guided art making, movement, relaxation, and reflection and encourage you to explore new ways of thinking and being. Our activities promote individuality and diversity, deepen connections with yourself and others, foster confidence, a positive sense of self, and overall well-being.

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