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Mother Nurture

Art and Movement course for mothers

women, one holding a baby are drawing abstract shapes together on a long piece of paper with oil pastels

At Mother Nurture we provide a welcoming space for mothers to take time for themselves, make connections, enjoy a cuppa and rediscover their creativity through a range of accessible, guided art and movement activities. Each session is created and led by mothers for mothers at any stage of motherhood with pre crawlers welcome to come along. No prior experience required, and there is no need to consider yourself as inherently creative. We supply all materials and refreshments; all you need to bring is yourself and we’ll take care of the rest!

Our course centers around you - your wellbeing and your journey. The transition into motherhood affects every mum in a unique way and evolves, as both, our children and we grow. Mother Nurture allows time to slow down, become aware of your thoughts and emotions and reconnect with yourself. The activities are designed to help you clear your mind, become aware and discover new creative ways to express yourself.


For mothers with babies in tow, rest assured that you can attend to your little ones needs at any point during the process and we are always on hand to support and assist


In our sessions you will have the chance to dive into a range of creative art and movement activities that explore feelings, boost creativity and self-esteem. We progressively introduce ,more activities and aspects to build your confidence and give everyone time to settle in and get to know the group.


This is not a course to learn specific art making techniques, but a chance to experience joy of the creative process and freedom of expression without fear of judgement.


In each session you have the opportunity to share, connect and reflect on your journey with fellow mums. How much you want to share is entirely up to you. We will never pressure you and be there to support you at your own pace.


​We know how important it is to have plenty of time to connect with others. All our sessions allow time to arrive and settle in and are followed by a relaxed, informal half hour of chat with tea and biscuits.

a woman is sitting on the floor drawing colourful shapes on a piece of paper
a group of women and children are creating a human sculpture.
a woman with a baby on her lap is painting on a large piece of paper on the floor



Each 2h session is created to cater to your individual abilities and needs and to help you develop your confidence in using creative tools. The sessions progressively offer more opportunity to engage more freely with a variety of art materials and techniques. We encourage practicing self- awareness and artistic expression at home and encourage you to stay in touch and support each other beyond our workshops through our dedicated Whatsapp group. Here is what we have in store for you:

Introduction to materials, techniques and themes

We’ll introduce a range of different art materials and techniques through simple, interactive activities and start to think about identity and motherhood. We focus on the process and the joy in experimenting and discovering your own creative language.

Mark making to music and two handed (bilateral) drawing

We use music to evoke different emotions and inspire spontaneous, abstract mark making. We look at pattern, rhythm and colour to relax, release tension, and develop confidence in using the art materials on offer.


Over a few sessions you will have the chance to develop a life sized bodymap integrating materials and techniques that have been introduced in the previous sessions. This longer activity allows you tap further into the power of art making, explore physical sensations, externalise thoughts and emotions creatively, as well as reflect on and communicate what is happening inside.

Affirmation and expressive movement

Movement is introduced gradually throughout the course beginning with body awareness and simple guided activities, moving on to partner work and free improvisation all geared towards releasing tension and embracing the joy of expressing yourself through movement. We use reflective writing and pattern drawing to develop a positive and affirming way to talk to ourselves.

Mindfulness and relaxation

Each session begins or ends with a guided relaxation and time to take a breath, relax and focus inwards. We work with repetition, body awareness, guided relaxation, self massage and gentle movement to allow for a moment of calm to focus on what is happening in the here and now. Each session concludes with time to reflect, share and bond.

We are currently in between funding periods.
As soon as we have funding in place our course dates and booking link will appear here. 

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