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Inside out

Wellbeing project for Key Stages 2 & 3

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The Inside Out project is a series of five 1-hour wellbeing workshops led by the professional team of the multi arts company On Solid Ground. The workshops run weekly over the course of one term and focus on the mental health and wellbeing needs of pupils; an area that has a direct impact on children's learning.


The children are taken on an engaging journey of self reflection leading to the creation of 3D masks that explore identity, thoughts and feelings.


We offer a space where children can explore their inner and outer world and express themselves in a creative and safe way, boosting mental well-being and developing a positive self-image.


We use:

  • Relaxation, self care and mindfulness

  • Exploration of materials

  • Mark making

  • Expressive movement

  • Art therapy techniques

  • Reflection and discussion

  • Positive affirmations

  • Creation of 3D Masks

If you would like an information pack about the 'Inside Out' project
please emails us at: 
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